Our Initiaves


We are start a program for the fringe and village areas, where we will take educational and medical assistance for the needy students. With this thought, at the first place we will facilitate 214 students of Satjelia village in Sunderban, West Bengal. We have committed them  to provide yearlong educational assistance as well as medical support. We are aiming to motivate those children for proper education to be a good  citizen of the country. 

Goals and Objective: We are about to start the program from Sunderban, followed by other interior villages in India. Initially we will provide exercise books, pen-pencils, school bags and other educational stationaries. Later on we will help them with bench, chairs and table for the school. If you kindly see the pictures attached here, you will get to see this school has nothing. No proper facilities are there, that can support the atmosphere of an educational institution. Along with these, we will arrange for their health check up in a regular basis. 

Beneficiaries: A number of 214 students will be the direct beneficiary by this project. Later on we will reach out other villages in the state. 


Care for Shanti Nibash Oldage Home

“Bondhu Ek Asha” has extended its hand to care for the geriatrics. “Shantinibas" is an oldage home in the city where we provide the residents assistance to meet medical needs on regular basis as well as at the time of any medical emergency. We also organize “Basanta Utsav” and “Bijaya Sammilani” every year for these residents who are spending the few last days of their lives in solitude away from their families. In 2016, “Bijaya Sammilani” was arranged at Rotary Sadan with the residents of “Shantinibas". The officials of the clubs, who helped us wholeheartedly to make  'Anandadan Utsav' a success, were felicitated on this grand occasion.

Goals and Objective: The oldage home with its 25 residents have a great demand of care and look after. We shall see to it that day allways get attention and other possible requirements through out their lives from us.

Beneficiaries: A number of 25 old people will be the direct beneficiary by this project. Later on we will reach out other old age home in the state. 

Care for HIV+ childern

One of the major initiatives of “Bondhu-Ek Asha” is to bring a moment of joy in the lives of 39 HIV positive children of Arunima Hospice, Behala. We take initiative to provide for the nourishment of those 39 HIV positive children.

Goals and Objective: We have a great hope on all the HIV+ children of Arunima Hospice. We would keep providing whatever they require for a better life. We have also initiated to bring them forward into the main stream of life through cultural activities and different celebrations.  

Beneficiaries: A number of 39 HIV+ kids will be the direct beneficiary by this project.

Nepal Earthquake Relief

Thanks to your support that 2177 families in 21 different earthquake affected areas of Nepal were able to receive immediate relief from “Bondhu-Ek Asha”. Your effort to assist the affected people in the crisis hit Nepal made a difference in their lives. Various relief aids and an amount of Rs. 50,000/- was handed over to the Consulate of Nepal by “ Bondhu-Ek Asha”