Our Committee

The Advisory Committee of "Bondhu ek asha" is the primary "Think Tank" of the Organization. It provides strategic directions to the Organizations, ensures adherence to Organization's values, proper utilization od funds and approves budget and finacial statements. The Governing Body also ensures compliance with Law and other stattory regulations.

Our committee gets regulated every year depending on initial performance towards the betterment of the society and organisation.

Our commiitee includes various well known personalities, who with their presence and efforts, have made our organisation reach a valuable position.


Our Committee Members

Chairman : Shri Dinesh Poddar
President : Pritam Sarkar
Chief Advisor : Shri Yadav Sen
General Secretary : Miss Sagarika Chaterjee
Joint Secretary : (Social Activity) Shri Rupam Roy
Joint Secretary : (Cultural Activity) Smt Sujata Saha, Shri Bappa Halder, Shri Pavel Banerjee
Joint Secretary : (Finance) Shri Subhas Roy
Convenor : (North Kolkata) Shri. Rajkumar Saha
Vice President: Shri Surajit Ghosh
Social Media Strategist: Shri Rajib Sarkar, Shri Yadav Sen
Print and Electronic Media Strategist: Shri Surajit Ghosh
Working Committee : Miss Abira Khatoon, Miss Roma Biswas, Md. Imran, Shri Bipin Khan, Miss Aparajita Roy, Shri Asish Dutta, Smt Tapati Goswami, Shri Banty Halder

Advisory Committee Members

Shri Birju Maharaj
Smt Nipobithi Ghosh
Shri Kallol Nath
Shri Surajeet Chatterjee
Shri Dipak Sarkar
Shri Kaushik Sengupta
Shri Rupak Basu
Shri Biswanath Dey
Shri Amit Rakshit