Welcome to Bondhu

"Bondhu Ek Asha" is not just only a NGO; it is a dream that can change lives, a dream that can help a child smile, a dream that can show a path to the lost souls.

'Bondhu, Ek Asha' is not only a nonpolitical charitable organization; it is a dream that was dreamt in complete wakefulness few years ago by Pritam Sarkar, Sagarika Chatterjee and Subhas Roy. 'Bondhu, Ek Asha' understands the cry of the downtrodden and tries its best to alleviate their pain through active support.

This apolitical socio cultural organization, with its headquarter in Behala, Kolkata, came into being on August 01, 2010. The two catchwords 'Bondhu' and 'Asha', voice the very purpose with which we work. As true 'Bondhu' or friend we strive to bring the ray of 'Asha' or hope in the lives of the thousands of orphans, underprivileged and differently abled children - the so called scapegoats of the society. With an objective to bring smile on their faces and lessen their agony, 'Bondhu,Ek Asha' has been continuing its journey on a local as well as on a global scale.

Kolkata, the city of joy has an uncouth face where thousands of orphan, handicapped or under privileged children are forced to spend their lives on the dirty and dusty streets of the city because of the disparities present in the society. There are children who would perhaps never enjoy the beauty of childhood, some are physically and mentally challenged and are not accepted in the society. With an objective of bringing smile on their faces and lessen their agony we “Bondhu” started our journey to meet the needs of these destitute children on a local as well as on a global scale.

Bondhu-Ek Asha is a Kolkata based Non-Governmental Organization directly benefitting numerous under privileged children every year, through welfare projects on education, healthcare and better livelihood. An apolitical, socio-cultural organization, Bondhu-Ek-Asha was formed on August 01, 2010 by Pritam Sarkar, Sagarika Chatterjee and Subhas Roy. The organization is head quartered in Behala, Kolkata with the motto ‘Asha’, since it is our hope or asha to bring a beautiful and brighter tomorrow in the lives of these children.


Our Activity


Sparsha, A touch of warmth

As winter sets in, our members get ready  every year to spend busy days and sleepless nights providing blankets and winter garments to the people in desperate situation on the city footpahs.

In the Christmas, as the city bathes in festive happiness, we, the 'Bondhu's reach ......


Kolkata Art Festival

'Bondhu, Ek Asha' is proud to organize Kolkata Art Festival where over 1000 children from more than 30 renowned schools of Kolkata take active part. Apart from painting competition in which the children actively participate to express their creative selves, different workshops are conduct......


Blood Donation Camp And Health Camp

We organize blood donation camp to help the children suffering from Thalassemia. Apart from that we organize health camps and blood donation camps where underprivileged people are provided free health checkups  and eye checkups by veteran doctors.



Ananda Daan Utsab

This is one of our major activities during the occasion of Durgapuja. In Anandadan Utsav,2016, we have distributed new dresses among 7000 orphan, HIV affected, differently-abled and poverty-stricken children of the state - an effort that makes us extremely proud.



We Care

'Bondhu, Ek Asha' provides financial assistance to needy and meritorious students with outstanding results in the Secondary and Higher Secondary level. Students, who are facing the odds in pursuing higher education due to financial constraint, are provided necessary study materials and re......


Green Kolkata

We believe that only a healthy environment can give birth to healthy body and mind.So 'Briksha Ropan' ceremony is conducted every year on 26th July where we distribute free plant saplings to encourage people to stretch their hands to make the surroundings greener, cleaner and healthier.......